About Gittus Graphics

Where to start...

ca grantI've been working in graphics for over 30 years, most of that running my own small studio. I've had people working for me, I've worked for other people, I've done a lot of freelancing in agencies. For a while I was a Studio Manager in a small advertising agency. I've been a small offset printer, done some typesetting, proof-reading, illustration and an awful lot of finished art.

When I trained, we did everything as slap-and-stick, with drawing boards and darkrooms. Now I have a bunch of Macs, Scanners and Digital Photography gear and do some 3D modelling. I still have a drawing board.

I've done advertisements, annual reports, packaging, direct-mail, displays, business cards, billboards, book covers, retouching, brochures, websites, posters, corporate identity, copy writing, stubby holders and the odd tattoo. If a need arises for Interactive Organic Holographic Vegetables, I'll probably have a go at that, too.

If I had a mission statement, it would be something as corny as "Satisfying my Client's  Needs" (Within reason. I'm not that good-looking, and can't play the tuba worth a damn.) In reality, that means trying to do what you need, when you need it, within your budget. I also means that if I'm supplying something you're going to give to a printer, then it had better be something they can use, not something they have to spend time fixing.

I still draw.


In the last few years I've started doing some 'fine art' - in other words, illustrations I don't get paid for (unless somebody REALLY likes them). Luckily for me, I don't have much of a reputation in this area so I can paint whatever I want. If you're interested, there's a gallery of works here. These are the ones that weren't a complete crash-and-burn. You don't get to see those.

My father, Hugh, was a sucessful artist. Sucessful in this case meaning he made a living out of it - paid the rent and kept food on the table. That may not sound like much, but being an artist is a tough gig. You can see some of his work here.

I'm a member of Rotary. This amazing organisation has allowed me to contribute in a small way to a number of projects. I've been very lucky in my lifetime and hed a lot of assistance from others. Working with not-for-profit groups allows me to pay back some of that karma with graphics, since I seem to have neglected to become fabulously wealthy.

I also play guitar and do inline skating, though not at the same time. I've learnt that lesson.